A Comprehensive Guide on The Best Steak Cuts You Can Buy at A Steakhouse Restaurant

Steaks are yummy and flavorsome cuts from different organs of a cattle. The steaks made from the meat of younger cattles are always better, tastier, and healthier than that from older cattles. According to this classification, steaks are of 3 different kinds – Prime, Choice and Select. This classification is done by USDA. Every elite and trustworthy steakhouse like Rib n reef follows USDA grading and sell USDA graded steaks to ensure that the beef is nutritious and edible. Furthermore, Prime steaks are the costliest of all, also the healthiest and most flavorful. Additionally, the health quotient of a steak is determined on the basis of fat that the beef contains.

5 Best Steak Cuts and Their Uniqueness From The Other Types

The variety of Steak cuts is endless. It mainly depends upon the cooking procedure followed and the part from where the meat is cut. Amongst such a variety, it is the list of 5 steaks mentioned below that are most popular.

  • Ribeye Steak Cuts – Ribeye steak is juicy, fatty, tender, and flavorful. In fact, it has the highest fat level of all steak types. It is of two kinds depending upon the way it is cooked – Prime Rib and Ribeye chop. Prime rib steak is made by roasting the steak cut and Ribeye chop is made by grilling and broiling the steak slices. Besides, Ribeye steaks are served as boneless as well as in-bone cuts, depending upon your preference.
  • New York Strip Steak Cuts – These steak types have minimal fat. Which is why, they are the healthiest options for steak lovers. They taste authentic and are quite buttery and juicy. Whilst most steakhouse restaurants serve boneless New York Strip Steaks, only a selective few have the option of bone-in New York Strip Steaks.
  • Tenderloin Filet Steak Cuts – The specialty of this steak is that despite soft and tender, it is comparatively quite less fatty. Also, it needs to be cooked much less than other steaks in order to maintain its moist and juicy texture that tends to die down if overcooked  
  • T-bone Steak Cuts – This double-role steak is a careful amalgamation of the goodness alike the less juicy tenderloin steaks and the buttery New York Strip Steaks.
  • Porterhouse Steak Cuts – This steak is derived from the meat closest to the upper part of the loin section. Apparently, it is quite big and can easily serve a group of 2 diners.
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