A Cost-Effective Vacation Option: Surprising Information about Walking Holidays

Over the past 12 months, UK residents have spent upwards of £45 billion on almost 80 million overseas trips in total, which marks a considerable 18% upsurge from figures reported just a few years ago. However, even though Britons are travelling abroad at record rates, the vast majority of people tend to feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied upon returning home.

As a matter of fact, roughly 70% of holidaymakers state that they would avoid repeating the same holiday plans and would prefer engaging in alternative programmes in the near future, which is why we’ve created this brief exposé to highlight some of the most important aspects of contemporary walking holidays.

Walking Holidays are Becoming Increasingly Popular

As we’ve become discontented with the over-advertised holiday options that promise revitalising tropical getaways, but almost always fail to deliver, it shouldn’t come as a shock to find out that walking holidays are gaining prominence and prevalence. Take a look at these facts:

  • The walking holiday niche has grown exponentially since the early 2000s.
  • Walking and leisure sightseeing are now the most common activities in modern family vacations, and they comprise roughly 40% of every domestic holiday itinerary.
  • For UK visitors to Europe, walking and hiking are involved in nearly 58% of travel plans and the typical excursion includes several miles of walking.
  • On average, UK adults engage in almost 100 journeys each year that combine walking with some form of public transportation.
  • Based on a recent survey, more than 85% of adults agree, that walking is the most accessible way to stay in shape, sightsee, and make the most of days off.
  • With the recent increase in the number of light walking routes spread throughout London, for instance, researchers have seen a near 200% increase in evening walking levels, since 2012.

Additionally, we now have access to some very resourceful travel agencies that specialise in helping families, couples, and corporate groups facilitate inclusive walking holidays.

Partnering with a Walking Holiday Tour Organiser is Easier than Ever Before

If you visit the homepage of an esteemed alternative travel agency – such as http://www.walking-europe.co.uk/greece/ – you’ll be able to work hand-in-hand with a conversant, sensible, walking holiday-specialist to create the perfect vacation plan.

Regardless of whether you wish to visit Greece, Spain, Italy, or any other prime destination in Europe, you’ll have a chance to establish a personalised programme replete with daily accommodations, dining vouchers, travel insurance, and other essential provisions, which is why countless people in the UK are beginning to partner with these trusted family-owned organisations.

No matter the size of your pocketbook or the size of your assemblage, you’ll be able to reimagine your holiday plans and see all of the most popular attractions, magnetisms, and historical sites without decimating your budget, so be sure to open up a separate web browser to initiate the planning process, sooner rather than later.

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