A Quick Guide On Everything You Should Know About Steaks and Steakhouse Restaurants

You must have a good amount of knowledge about steaks before you order them. Primarily, because, different kinds of steaks taste different. Also, finding an authentic restaurant that houses professional butchers and chefs is important. This is because proper cuts are as necessary as cooking methods are.

What Makes a Steakhouse Restaurant Good?

It’s not just one feature, but a bundle of many, that makes a steakhouse worth a shot. The ones down below should not be ridiculed.

  • The steakhouse should have a professionally trained staff, especially the chefs who know different steak cooking methods.
  • The restaurant should be using USDA graded beef categorized as ‘Prime Beef’, ‘Choice Beef’, and ‘Select Beef’.
  • The restaurant should offer other dishes made with fresh salmon and farm raised chickens, and should have a good spread of vegetables.
  • The location, table-booking option, cigar rooms, lounges, ambience, and hospitality are additional features of high-end Steakhouses like Rib’N Reef.

Different Cooking Methods

Steaks taste different not just because they’re made with different parts of a cattle, but also because they are cooked differently. The following methods matter the most.

  • Rare Cooking Method – This grilling method involves mildly cooking the cuts so that the heat doesn’t reach the core. This retains all juices.
  • Medium Rare Cooking Method – Everything resembles the Rare cooking method, just that the cuts are cooked slightly longer.
  • Medium Cooking Method – Medium cooked steaks have a heated core that’s pinkish. It’s not as juicy as rare and medium rare steaks.
  • Medium WellCooking Method – Medium well cooked steaks are better cooked than medium ones. Thus, less juicy.
  • Well Done Cooking Method – Well done steaks are the driest of all steak types and the most cooked.

Different Types Of Steaks

The high-quality steaks you should be investing your money in are listed below.

  • Ribeye Steak Cuts – Filled with the maximum fat content, ribeye steaks are very juicy. They can be cooked by grilling, roasting, and broiling.
  • New York Strip Steak Cuts – Filled with less fat and more lean muscles, these steaks can be Bone-in as well as boneless.
  • Tenderloin Filet Steak Cuts – With very little fat, this steak type should be undercooked so that it doesn’t go dry.
  • T-bone Steak Cuts – T-bone steaks have the features of tenderloin steaks and New York Strip Steaks, bundled in one.
  • Porterhouse Steak Cuts – This is one of the largest steak cuts and also very juicy.

3 USDA Approved Beefs for Steaks

The 3 USDA graded beefs to be used for making steaks are listed below.

  • Prime Beef – Comes for young cattles.
  • Choice Beef- Maintains muscle and fat balance.
  • Select Beef – Contains least fat and most muscles.
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