Exceptional European Bike Tours Organised by Passionate Cyclists

Whether you are a competitive cyclist or a family looking for a casual adventure, cycling holidays are available for all ages and difficulty levels, meaning you can choose from a handful of pre-arranged cycling tours that cater to a variety of interests. The best part about these tours is they have been organised by avid cyclists who are also familiar with the landscape. This way, you are getting an optimised cycling route that hits all of the key destinations, and sights along the way.

What is for sure, is that these tours remove much of the stress of organising a trip yourself and ensure that no time is wasted or spent trying to decide where to go next. With expertly-organised bicycling holidays, you can be confident that your tour is packed with all of the essential sights and scenery for the entire trip.

What to Expect from Your Cycling Tour

From the local culture and cuisine to the incredible European scenery, you can expect your bicycling holiday to hit all of the key holiday hotspots that you would typically try to incorporate in your trip if you planned it yourself. However, when you opt for a cycling holiday from Hooked on Cycling, you get complete itineraries that take you from location to location.

Whether it’s a relaxing lakeside ride or a fast-paced mission through the mountains, you will be able to select from a variety of pre-arranged tours and choose whichever one best fits your preferences. If you have something specific in mind, you can typically have cycling holidays organised that are completely unique to you and your preferences.

Enjoy a Guided or Self-Guided Tour

You will have the option to cycle on your own or travel with a guide, an expert in the area, and there are benefits to both.

On your own, you will typically have more freedom to ride and explore at your own pace, whereas a guided tour might put a little more pressure on you to make time. However, a guided tour is far from restrictive, and it’s also a learning experience. Your tour guides are experts on the cycling paths and can typically teach you about the local monuments and buildings, as well as show you the lesser-known spots along the trail.

Tour All Across Europe

With cycling holidays available all across Europe, you will be able to select the tour most appealing to you, and if you are already in a country, you should have no problem finding a tour near you. With an easy online booking process, you can get started immediately and be cycling across the European landscapes in no time.

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