Five Gadgets You Should Never Forget On A Roadtrip

Let’s just face it, road trips have become a lot easier with the advent of modern technology. Not only does technology allow you to navigate better on the road but it also keeps you occupies and allows you to remain up to date on the weather, road conditions, and more. It helps you find the best RV rentals and campground discounts. All of this gadgetry doesn’t take away from the experience of being on the road. You cans still enjoy all the natural sights, the outdoor activities, and the company of your family or friends. Just make sure to bring these five totally necessary gadgets that will greatly help out on your trip.

GPS System

GPS systems come in many different forms, and the one you eventually choose to use will be up to your personal tastes. Just know that a GPS is an absolute must in this day and age. No longer will you have to pull over and break out those crinkled maps. If you have a smartphone with a GPS on it, you can mount it on your dashboard using an affordable dash mounter that can be had at any wireless store. When you have a voice telling you exactly where to turn, you can rest easy and enjoy the trip much more than if you were worried about missing an exit. There is something to be said for simply plugging in a destination address and allowing a device to guide you there. So whether you are using an expensive GPS system of simply using your phone navigator, you absolutely won’t regret having this type of help on your side.

Multi-Port Charger

For every individual in your traveling party, there are bound to be at least two devices. Since many of these devices will be absolutely essential for your journey, you won’t want any of them to run out of juice on your travels. This is where a multi-port charger comes in. These charges have more than one outlet, sometimes as many as 10, and can charge a quantity of devices. This way you can always keep the essential devices fully charged. A multi-port charger is something you may not immediately think of when packing for a trip, but once you get out on the road you will realize what a great investment these are. When you visit your RV rentals location to pick out your RV, make sure to rent a vehicle with the proper wiring and outlets to handle a multi-port.


Data can often be a problem on the road. Since you will not always have access to wifi, your devices may end up eating precious data and costing you a fortune on your next bill. You also have the issue of access. Since the internet will play such a major role in your journey, you will always want to be online. Unfortunately, if you are traveling in remote areas you will sometimes be beyond the range of coverage. With a hotspot this won’t be an issue. A hotspot grants you continuous access to the net and will assure that your GPS and devices are always connected and functioning. You will really regret not having one when you end up in a remote area with no connection, trying to figure out where you went wrong in your directions. For this reason, a hotspot is a definite must.

Designated Notes/List Device

Whether it is a “notes” app on your phone or a Notepad file on a tablet or iPad, having a variety of lists on your favorite device will help out on the trip. You may even want to designate one device for your lists. These lists can include everything from the steps to setting up camp to the destinations you want to see to a list of gear you have with you. This way you can keep track of multiple important aspects of your journey on one handy device. For example, bring along an iPad on which you keep a number of lists on you can consult each day to make sure you are fully on track for the vacation you had planned.

Digital Camera

Of course you are going to want to document your trip and be able to save the memories for a lifetime. For this all you need is a good digital camera with enough memory to store all of your pics. This will give you the freedom to snap away during every stop and from the road. Today’s digital cameras are small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, making them particularly handy when travelling.

Gadgets are a part of modern life and also an essentially to modern travels. Before you set out to the RV rentals location to set out on your trip, make sure you are stocked up with the right devices to make your roadtrip all the more convenient and enjoyable.

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