Hatta Mountain Safari Tour

Hatta safari showcases a more rustic, wilder and all- natural side of this vibrant and multi- dimensional city of Dubai. For enthusiastic thrill seekers who want to enjoy the shrill mountainous terrains and thrilling treks, away from the urban industrialization of the high city life, will definitely enjoy their heart out in this Hatta safari tour.

Our Services in Hatta Mountain Safari

In such a marvelous wonder of nature, Phoenix Safari has peculiarly covered up all the exciting places and fun things to do in Hatta safari. All of our services will give you an exact taste of actual historic Dubai with all its natural wilderness, refreshing natural springs, remarkable fossil rocks, the hospitality of the locals and of course the well preserved artistic history and cultural beauty. We have planned Hatta tour to be a fulfilling time for all the visitors and you’ll leave with tons of cherishing memories.

Here is a sneak a peak of our comfortable and luxurious services in Hatta Safari tour,

  • Pick and Drop off services from any place in Sharjah and Dubai
  • Safari all across the Hatta wadis and mountains in lush cars
  • Visit the famous Hatta Heritage Village to have a look into the rich history of UAE
  • Depending upon your choice, visit the Hatta Fort Hotel to check-in to the past
  • Pay a little extra and enjoy delicious food at Hatta Fort hotel in the true Arabian ambiance
  • Dive into the refreshing water pools and springs, letting you enjoy the exotic suburbs
  • A splendid ride all across the valley loaded up with lush landscape and revitalizing natural places

Hatta Mountain Safari Packages

Phoenix tours offers an exceedingly affordable list of packages that have highlighting options for a pack of four people and also for a group of more than 30 people.

Here, have a glimpse of Hatta safari tour deals available with us.

  • Package 1:
  • For a pack of 4people- AED 140 per person
  • Package 2:
  • For 6 people- AED 125 per person
  • Package 3:
  • For a group of 12 people- AED 110 per person
  • Package 4:
  • For more than 30 people- AED 100 per person

In any of the above-mentioned package, you will surely enjoy the best of our services as is. These packages are arranged in order to give you feasibility to choose according to the number of people you are booking with. And all these package deals will have all the thrill, fun and a connection with the rich historic culture of Dubai and with the natural beauty of the mountains. Hatta heritage village has a special significance in this regard, as the intricate detailing and an enormous number of traditionally architected buildings will take you back in the past, almost 2 centuries ago. And after the long exhausting  Hatta safari, you will definitely relax in the cool and fresh waters of springs and pools. So waste time? Choose one!

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