Samui is the best place for adventurous activities

Travelling is the best way to refresh your mind but at the time of planning a tour it becomes hard to decide a destination. Everyone wants to explore that where they can enjoy their maximum time and get maximum activities to do. Tours in samui provide you maximum number of activities and most beautiful sceneries to explore. Samui is an island so you can get every activity that can be done by the sea like surfing, scuba diving, fishing and so on. You can also explore the wild life as well. You can enjoy safari tours and trekking activities.

Main places to visit in Samui

Samui is the place located in Thailand in Surat Thani province. It has population around 65000 and you will get lots of hotels in comparison of houses. Samui is the place famous for the plenty of beaches and sea attractions. Climate of Samui maintains the same warm temperature for the whole year. Samui tours allow you to collect information about their different cultures and religions.

Some of the main attractions in the city are mentioned below:-

  • Wat Plai Leam: – Wat Plai Leam is a big compound of Buddhist temple.  You will get a big statue of Guayin. Guayin is goddess of compassion and mercy. The temple is surrounded by lake. You will get to see a variety of fishes and food bags are also available to feed the fishes.
  • Ko taen:– Ko taen is an island spread into 15 km area and it has 60 others island associated with it. You can explore the island with help of boat. Ko taen is a village famous for fishing and fishermen, so you can get a great experience of fishing with skilled fishermen.
  • Samui aquarium and tiger zoo:–  Samui aquarium and tiger zoo is a blend of marine life and wildlife. You can take your family and kids to explore the place. You will get a very large tank shaped aquarium that contains a variety of sharks, fishes and at the zoo, you can explore wildlife and watch so many tigers and leopards and you can also take photos with the wild animals. For further details, you can visit
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