Twelves Interesting Things to Do in Cuba

As you can imagine, Cuba is a real paradise for tourists. It’s like traveling to the past. Once you board the plane to Cuba, it’s like you got into a time travel machine ready to go 60 years back. In Cuba, it’s like everything stopped in 1959. All stays the same, the old buildings, the old cars but with the new old political system. If you want to visit Cuba, hurry up! Do it now before it gets too late. Instead of renting a room in a hotel, you better stay in a casa particular. These accommodations are cheaper than hotels, and it also allows you to get to know the real Cuban people. Don’t miss these 12 exciting things to do while you are in Cuba.

Hit a Few Balls at Varadero Golf Club

If your idea of a perfect getaway is to take to the golf club and hit a few balls, the place that you need to head straight for in Varadero, which is more of a resort town and is equipped with things like state-of-the-art golf courses. The Varadero Golf Club was the very first 18-hole golf course to be designed in Cuba. Just don’t blame us if the glorious sight of the ocean on the horizon distracts you from your game. You could stay in casa particular Betty and Jorge:

(Autopista Sur, Varadero;

Visit One of the Strangest Chinatowns in the World

The idea of Chinatown is something that exists right throughout the world, and you can find Chinatowns in places like London, Mexico City, and Tokyo. But perhaps one of the most bizarre Chinatowns of them all exists in Havana.

Back in the mid-19th century, Cuba had one of the largest Chinese populations in all of Latin America, but these days the place is just a little bit strange because there are hardly any Chinese people there. Still, if you fancy a break from the regular beans and rice of Cuba, it’s worth a visit.

Go Horseback Riding Through the Tobacco Fields of

The Vinales Valley is one of the best-loved places of natural beauty in all of Cuba, and while you can hike or cycle across these landscapes, it can be a great idea to have a real adventure and explore the authentic way on horseback. This is the tobacco soul of western Cuba, and as you ride along, you will be able to see the lush tobacco fields, and you’ll also see the farmers doing their day-to-day work in the fields. You might even see coffee plantations and caves on your visit. At Vinnales Valley you could stay in one of our casaparticular Villa Aniesky

Visit a Cigar Factory in Baracoa

Cuba is world famous for the incredible quality of its cigars, and while it can be great to puff on a few and even take some home as gifts, it’s even better to get under the skin of cigar culture in Cuba by visiting a cigar factory. While visitors are very welcome, this cigar factory actually isn’t really on the tourist path and doesn’t attract many people through its doors, so you might have the experience all to yourself. Your best place to stay in Baracoa, casaparticular casa Rafael

Take a Steam Train to the Valley of the Sugar Mills

Of course, one of the most famous things about Cuba is its sugar mills, and a trip to this Latin island would not be complete without learning more about this aspect of the country’s culture. There is no more beautiful way of doing this than by taking a steam train into the valley of the sugar mills. You will see the sugar fields where the slaves used to toil away sadly, and walk through the architecture of the sugar barons of Cuba.

Chill Out in Arty Tapas Bar, Espacios

When it gets to the evening time in Havana, and you are stuck for something to do, we can highly recommend a trip to one of the city’s best tapas bars, Espacios. Havana doesn’t have much of a hipster scene, but if hipsters did exist in Havana, you can bet your bottom dollar that they would congregate here at Espacios, where there is a lovely cocktail menu, yummy tapas, and an outdoor terrace where you’ll feel utterly relaxed.

Say Hi to the Pink Flamingos at Cayo Coco

With its tropical climate, Cuba is a country that attracts some beautiful wildlife. If you want to discover some of the country’s incredible animal life for yourself, we highly recommend a trip to Cayo Coco, which is a gorgeous beach on the north coast of Cuba. As if the snowy white sands aren’t impressive enough, when you arrive, you are likely to see the pink flamingo colonies that call this beach home, as well as many other beautiful bird species.

Buy Some Beautiful Pottery at Taller de CeramicaArtisticaWhile Cuba doesn’t have the handicrafts culture of many other Latin American cultures, there are still some pockets of handicrafts in the country, and these are well worth exploring if you would like to take back something extraordinary from Cuba with you. The Taller de CeramicaArtistica in Varadero might be the #1 place for ceramics in all of Cuba.

Visit the Oldest House in Cuba, Casa de Diego Velazquez

If you really want to get to grips with the history of Cuba, you simply have to visit the oldest house in the country, Casa de Diego Velazquez. This house was built in 1522 and was the house of the island’s very first governor.

Today, you can walk around the house and check out a display of 16th to 119th-century furnishings and artworks, but simply being in the house transports you to a world of Cuba from centuries ago.

(Francisco Vicente Aguilera, Santiago de Cuba)

Have an Artsy Evening at Fabrica de Arte Cubano

The Fabrica de Arte Cubano is, without a doubt, one of the most important cultural spaces in Havana, and actually in the whole country. This place is the brainchild of the Afro-Cuban musician X-Alfonso, and it’s a place where all of the arts intersect. One day you might see a fashion show, the next day a piece of experimental dance, and in the café, you can always find people hotly debating the arts culture of Cuba. If you want a cultural evening in the city,be sure to keep up to date with their program.

Indulge a Sweet Tooth with StreetSide Churros

If you stick to the tourist currency, eating your meals out in Havana can be more than a little bit pricey, but if you keep your eyes open and you’re a little bit canny, you can enjoy delicious food on the street and pay a fraction of the price with local Cuban pesos. If you can’t complete a meal without

something sweet, you’ll be pleased to know that you can find churros vendors all over Old Havana. You’ll spot the best vendors from the long lines on the streets!

Dance in the Open Air in Trinidad’s Music Alley

As well as being beautiful and rich in history, Cuba is really fun. There are music and dancing at all hours of the day, and you can find some of that Cuban spirit for yourself at the Palenque de Los CongosReales in Trinidad, which is otherwise known as the Music Alley. On this open patio, you can find every kind of music under the sun. You can dance to salsa, poetictrova songs, but our favorite is the rumba music, paired with frenetic dancing, and sometimes fire eating.

As you can see, Cuba is the place that you can’t miss before the “big change.” Many things to do before everything changes. In a few years, Cuba will be back to the American’s hands. Don’t think twice and go now for your perfect vacations.

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